Beyond Team Building,

Towards High Performing Teams


This programme is designed for newly formed teams to teams that are high performing or under-going change.

AMAZON | Strengthening Relationships

With a focus on developing cohesion and relationships within team members, AMAZON acts as a starting point and is a must for teams that are facing conflicts as they embark on the journey of becoming real teams.

ENRICH | Performance Step-Up

Team are formed for one purpose, to delivery results. With a focus on performance, ENRICH imparts tools and refocuses teams to the objectives that really matter.

IMPROVE | Change and Adaptation

Every team goes through change, transitions and succession. IMPROVE is specifically designed to help individuals manage these changes and allow the teams to grow stronger.

ONWARD | Igniting Motivation

Rallying your team for the last boost? Aiming to achieve the targets set? ONWARD focuses on developing motivation and reigniting the spark in your team.

UNDERSTAND | Customised Solutions For Your Needs

Customised programs to specifically achieve the results that your organisation needs. Consultation sessions are set up to UNDERSTAND your objectives.

Team Building & Team Bonding activities alone do not solve the core issues teams face. These have to be managed with newly developed skills and frameworks that allow them to navigate, through the working and relational processes.

The Team Dynamics Faculty’s Approach

Alvigor Team Dynamics Faculty allows teams to gain deeper insights in core areas such as Team Focus, Internal Relations, Change & External Communications.

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Team Dynamics

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