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Ownership, as noted by psychologists, refers to an employee’s feeling of responsibility to make decisions that are in the long-term interest of the company.

A company where employees possess ownership towards their job and organisation will have beliefs and values aligned with those of the company’s. In such a company, employees have purpose and are self-driven in performing to the best of their ability. This energy and ambition is what leads the company to excellence.

The 4 core components of Ownership are:

  • Accountability
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Sense of Belongingness
  • Identity

Inner Transformation is the journey that we will, together, embark upon to push your employees, managers, and your entire organisation to a workforce with strong sense of Ownership. Thus leading your organisation to the pinnacle of performance.

At Alvigor, we believe that the overarching skill required to exhibit a strong sense of Ownership is Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence affects how we direct our behaviour, partake in social situations and make personal decisions.

The main driving force in creating a culture with a sense of belonging, in possessing accountability and self-efficacy, and creating a sense of self-identity is Emotional Intelligence.

Decades of recent research have shown that Emotional Intelligence is the critical element that sets star performers from the rest. E.g. Human Engineering contributes to 85% of financial success. Only 15% of financial success is due to Technical Ability. Emotional Intelligence is linked directly to performance, as it is the foundation for innumerable critical skills: from Assertiveness to Time Management to Stress Tolerance.

Wouldn’t you rather do business with an emotionally intelligent individual with compassion, empathy and positive interactions? If you could, wouldn’t you want to become this person? 

Who Should Go

We seek business leaders in managerial roles who desire to improve their organisation and push their employees who are leading a team to pursue peak performance.

We also welcome individuals looking to gain emotional resilience, and striving to regain control of their lives.


The Inner Transformation journey will help you own your life and take control of it!

Applying what you have learnt over the 2 days will help you become:

  • A congruent communicator
  • Self-driven and motivated
  • Empathetic and tolerant
  • Focused and determined
  • Perceptive and Aware – of Others and the Self


Embark on the journey to transform your company:

Retain Talent

Promoting ownership will lead employees to become wholeheartedly invested in their company’s values, mission, and vision. Greater the alignment with the organisation, lesser the rate of turnover. Achieving the goals of the workshop will lead to greater talent retention.

Team Players

By together challenging assumptions and making changes to negative behaviours, employees will break barriers and build bridges to become collaborative team players.

Peak Performance

With ownership and accountability, employees will remain motivated and driven to perform at their greatest potential. By promoting positive emotions, a number of important organisational processes – skill building, creativity, commitment, and pro social behaviours – will also improve.


By focusing on a strategic destination, employees will learn to set goals strategically, and become self-motivated and driven. With an inclination towards setting a vision, execution will in turn become a natural response.  With a strong vision employees can internalise the vision and commit to the goals and values set by leaders.


ramesh alvigor trainerA resilient visionary, Ramesh Muthusamy, will be your Inner Transformational facilitator. His experience in training about hundred participants in driving them to discover themselves, their team mates and becoming self-driven and Vision-oriented makes him the ideal guide in your journey towards achieving Emotional Intelligence. View Profile



We have worked together with our clients to provide a “Transformative” experience.



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    • Learn how to challenge assumptions and ditch the status quo
    • Learn how to recognise you emotional responses and judgmental inclinations
    • Learn how to take responsibility for your defensive stances
    • Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and blind spots
    • Learn how to shift from just self-talk to Vision-oriented strategising
    • Learn how to take Ownership for your job and your organisation



    • 2-day intensive workshop with motivated and committed experts in Emotional Intelligence
    • A workbook with tools and tips on constantly improving the application of Emotional Intelligence on the job
    • A vast pool of materials and resources on works by other renowned EI experts to implement
    • A deeper understanding of limiting beliefs and negative emotions, to shift from judgement to self-awareness to self-regulation and -management
    • An avenue to create a new story – to shift from self-absorption to envisioning and strategising
    • 2 half-day skills builder follow-up programmes which assist and support participants to ensure continuity and support for participants

“Great knowledge and insight of self and of my own character which are unknown and unaware to myself.”

“Inner transformation is a deep and refreshing take on leadership mindset. Challenges historic beliefs, possible ignition for innovative behaviors in leaders.”

“This workshop is helpful to my personal development. It opened my mind up to broader perspectives. I feel more motivated and contented.”

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Inner Transformation

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