The Science Of
Powerful Communication

“Its not you just what you know but who you know that makes all the difference”
is a mantra in the high net worth circuit. Building Productive Work Relationships takes effort and focus. The workshop is designed to help people network better – Creating real value for internal and external stakeholders.

Interpersonal skills are the basic building blocks to all communications. It is not optional. Most imagine it as an art, but it is much more a science. With the right tools, guidance, teaching and in-depth learning, you will be able to communicate better to build meaningful business and personal relationships.


For Individuals who are interest in further developing their communication skills in their personal and work relationships for better results.

What Benefits Can You Get?

Positive Work Environment

Build a successful work environment by upholding positive interpersonal communication skills and business relationships among subordinates, superiors and colleagues.

Managing Stakeholders

Expand your repertoire of interpersonal skills to manage various internal and external stakeholders.

Improved Team Dynamics

Improved in team dynamics across the organisation which leads to increase productivity and profit your company.

Program Dates

Date of Workshop Register
To Be Announced  TBC

Program Fees

Fees Remarks
TBC  Inclusive of program materials

Refund Policy

To Be Announced


  • To significantly improve interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Move Ahead: Breaking communication and behavior patterns that hold you back.
  • Listen with your Eyes: Developing dynamic listening skills to ensure effective communication.
  • Enhance & Expand daily conversation skills to manage various stakeholders.
  • Strengthen Self Confidence and Mental Focus to handle difficult conversations.
  • Power Up: Networking Strategies.


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Improve Relationships

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