Provoke positive changes in participants
Prove what we do works by measuring accurately
Pursue the process till there is sustainable change

Our Five Success Elements

  1. Participant Centric
    Our initiatives are centered on participants, enabling them to understand themselves through scientific or reflective data, derived through psychometric instruments, surveys and guided dialogues.
  2. Model Based
    We believe that all training are to be based on a simple model and/or a framework that is easy for anyone to pick up within 15 mins.
  3. Create Buy-In
    To ensure a healthy transfer of learning back to work, the program needs to create a compelling emotional and mental buy-in as to why the skills and knowledge will benefit them, At Alvigor, we achieve this with Logical appeal, Credibility building and Emotional appeal.
  4. Linking to Organisational Objectives
    We have developed a successful methodology, linking learning and development to Organisational Objectives. “F.E.T.C.H. Orientation” represents key priorities for most Organisations; Future Thinking, Expanding Capabilities, Technological Advantage, Cutting Down Costs and Conflicts, Happiness through significant contribution.
  5. Facilitator
    To create powerful OD experiences, the facilitator needs to relate to the participants, be skills focused, purposeful in their words and activities, have a sense of urgency and resilience. In today’s evolving organisational behaviours, pressures and resource limitations, our facilitator takes personal responsibility to be flexible and ensure that the program delivers the intended outcomes.

Meet The Team

ramesh alvigor trainer

Ramesh Muthusamy

Chief Facilitator

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gerald alvigor trainer

Gerald Lee

Head Of Leadership Faculty

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amin alvigor trainer

Amin Morni

Head Of Team Dynamics Faculty

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